North Central Montana Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc.

Partnerships Serving Montana's Communities

Some Facts;

The North Central Montana Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. (RC&D) is a non-profit corporation, formed for the purpose of developing a regional effort to maintain and improve the quality of life for the residents of north central Montana.  The North Central Montana RC&D is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and was authorized by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture on March 17, 1998.

North Central Montana RC&D Area, Inc. is organized and sponsored by 10 county governments (Blaine, Cascade, Chouteau, Glacier, Hill, Liberty, Phillips, Pondera, Teton, and Toole), 3 tribal governments (Chippewa Cree Tribe, Blackfeet Nation, Fort Belknap Indian Community), 11 Conservation Districts, 14 incorporated cities and towns and other individual members and interested development organizations. 

The RC&D area spans 29,439 square miles (20% of Montana’s land area) and has an estimated population of 144,579 (2000 Census) which is approximately 20% of Montana’s population.  This area, sometimes referred to as the “Golden Triangle,” produces approximately 30% of all Montana’s agricultural products (grain and livestock). 


North Central Montana RC&D was created to work toward improving the economic and social conditions for the people of the area by:

• Creating and maintaining a regional organization which can address issues affecting north central Montana through consensus and collaboration.
• Develop and maintain a network of technical expertise capable of assisting with project design and implementation.
• Improve access to and assistance in securing funding for area projects.

Establish regional communications outreach to inform area residents of North Central Montana RC&D’s goals, objectives and programs.


RC&D's Across the Nation

There are 375 RC&D's across the nation (plus the Caribbean and Pacicfic Basins).  They serve more than 85% of US counties and over 77% of the US population.

In fiscal year 2007, RC&D's completed more than 4,278 projects.  These resulted in 855 businesses created and 1,503 businesses expanded; 6,762 jobs created; 5,265 miles of streams; 370,463 acres of lakes and 1.64 million acres of wildlife habitat improved.  Nearly 837,000 people developed new skills and served over 22 million citizens nationwide.

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